2 Day Foundational Workshops

These information packed workshops provide more time to elaborate on specific strategy by providing complete answers.

They are based upon practical experience. Instruction is broken down into stages for easy learning at all investor levels.

All facts, numbers and examples are accurate.  There is no hype for effect.  The instructors focus on improving the learner and not on self-promotion.

These workshops run on weekends from 9am-5pm on day 1, & 9am-3pm on day 2.
We provide a catered lunch.

Two 2-day foundation workshops:
2. Start Up your Own Business


– Residential fundamentals
– Commercial fundamentals
– Development fundamentals
– Find investor to fund buy

Main Topic:
1. Residential property (1-4 unit)
2. Key #s & profit centers
3. Faceoff (old in-law vs new)
4. 5 year plan for 4 properties
5. Commercial property
6. Key #s & profit types
7. Multi-res & plaza analysis
8. 7 year plan for 3 properties
9.  Find partner for full-funding
10. 21 Due diligence reports
11. Property management
12. Development projects

Start Up your Own BUSINESS

– Setup considerations
– Government loans & grants
– Management duty tips
– Problem solving technique

Main Topic:
1. Starting a business
2. Successful business traits
3. New vs existing business
4. Business structures 
5. All labour considerations
6. All tax considerations
7. Business ratios for success
8. 10 management activities
9. Problem solving technique
10. Government backed funding