Ambassador Program

Make $3,000 to $5,000 monthly by helping others learn how to invest.

We provide the highest payouts among all other comparable programs.

Get cash when your invitees register & attends our 1 day training programs.

PLUS get cash on all your invitees additional program purchases over 12 months.

How It Works

Just invite people to register & listen to our 45 minute webinars.

Your invitee enters your promo code upon online registration.

Your unique promo code allows us to track your invitee purchases.

Your promo code gets them a FREE 30 minute consultation with an expert.

We convince them to attend our workshop and you get paid.

We provide the event venue, education, support team and
you get paid 5% on invitee course purchases.

We pay you 5% referral commission on the sale of the workshop

PLUS we pay 5% on all additional programs purchased over 12 months.

Cash payments e-transferred 15 days after  invitee purchase.

Example: Invitee purchases $15,000 in training, you will receive $750.





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