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NidusHub Tribe

“We can build beautiful visions together, through respect.”  Bryant McGill

is more than a club, it’s a tribe.  A tribe is defined as “a social society with a common culture”.

Our aim is to have fun while learning, associate with positively minded people, help those less fortunate, hold each other accountable, and build financial wealth.

Become part of the NidusHub Tribe by becoming a member.  Membership has the following benefits:

Group learning day

A group educational day brings like minded people together for fun & knowledge.

Group Learning Day
– Mississauga & Toronto
– 2 events per year
– 1 day duration 8am-5pm

Event Schedule:
– Business breakfast meeting
AM Speakers:
Tax lawyer
Private lender
Mortgage broker
Real estate broker
PM Speakers:
Property manager
Strategy insights 1
Strategy insights 2
Q&A expert panel

About the program

We offer a yearly membership to keep you moving forward.

Ambassador Program
NidusHub’s Ambassador Program, provides the highest source of income among comparable programs.

Our ambassador’s get paid in redeemable education points when their invitees attend our 2-hour events.

Ambassadors also get paid in cash & education points when those invitees purchase educational programs over a 6 month period.

Make an extra $3,000 to $5,000 monthly by helping others take action and learn.

Peak performance

Monthly sessions to keep
engaged & up-to-date.

Life happens and we fall back into routine!  Our monthly webinars keep you moving forward.

The rules are changing faster and faster!  These monthly sessions keep you razor sharp and in the know.

These sessions answer questions you may have and inform you about road blocks.

12 sessions packed with answers, insights, new news & the latest techniques.

Proven experts

Work with the professionals that we use to do it right.

One of the pillars to success is having the right professionals from start to finish.

Our power teams:

– Lawyers
– Mortgage brokers
– Realtors
– Property Inspectors
– Appraisers

– General contractors
– Plumbers & electricians
– HVAC & Water systems
– Garden, fence & driveway
– Mold remediation
– Floors, windows & doors
– Staging & decorating

Documents you need

NidusHub has gathered & created an expert toolkit of real estate & business documents.

We provide documents used every day in the industry which have been updated over the past decade.

These contracts, spreadsheets, forms & documents are great templates.

to the community

We are proud to sponsor The Women’s Centre of Halton, an organization that helps women in distress, crisis or transition.  

We believe in sharing your abundance while on the road to financial freedom.

100% of our 2 hour event entrance fees and the proceeds of our June Evening Gala go to helping women in crisis, distress or transition.


Trip for investors

Come along with the NidusHub Tribe to Belize in February 2018 for training, investment opportunity, fun & discovery!

We organize the entire trip and secure group purchase discounts for members.