How often does NidusHub offer workshops?

We provide monthly 2 hour events on Real Estate Investing or Business Development.  We run 2-Day workshops monthly and 1-Day workshops every few months.  All must be booked in advance.

What are the times for 3 hour events, 1 & 2 day workshops?

2-Hour events 6pm-8pm on weekdays;
2-Day foundation workshops Day-1: 9am-5pm, Day-2: 9am-3pm;
1-Day technical workshop 9am-noon(in-class), 1pm-6pm(on bus if applicable)

Can I bring a guest?

YES! Guests are welcome to attend but you MUST register them for admittance so we can provide seating.

Can I leave the 2 hour event or 2 day workshop and find financial success within 30 days?

Real estate is a major asset investment requiring knowledge, wisdom, temperament, funds, financing, research and the right opportunity therefore our clients are not promised a get-rich quick scheme.  “It takes work & time!”  Warren Buffet

As a client, we can provide you with the foundation for setting realistic goals & decision making, an understanding of the workload, time, & risk required, identify pros & cons of investment types, point out key roadblocks & provide experienced based solutions, give a detailed explanation of each strategy, and lay out an achievable plan going forward.  This foundation leads to much FASTER success!

Are there breaks and time for lunch?

YES, there will be short 15 minute breaks throughout the day as well as a lunch break. Specific break times will be determined by the trainer at each workshop.  Lunch is provided at the 1-Day and 2-Day workshops.

Is this a hyped sales commercial for other courses?

NO, these workshops provide organized and relevant information taught by an expert who has implemented the material in the real world.  We strive to make sure that you leave knowing that it was TIME well spent.

We will spend 20 minutes with those who are interested in receiving additional information about NidusHub workshops and personal advisory programs.

We guarantee the information is correct, detailed, un-common, organized and delivered in a professional non-hype manner.

Can I attend these workshops more than once?

You may attend the 1-Day technical workshops 1 additional time as a courtesy but space is limited therefore you MUST pre-register 3 months in advance.

What if I can't attend last minute?

If you can’t attend the scheduled workshop please let us know as soon as possible. We will notify you of our next event.