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Own a paradise vacation home today and have renters pay for it till you retire!

“Belize is the most beautiful & affordable place to own and build your perfect dream vacation / retirement home”

Located on the east coast of Central America, bounded by the Caribbean Sea, Mexico to the north and Guatemala south-west.  Belize shares many political, legal, land ownership, and language rights as Canada but not the same climate.

Belize is a place to slow time and reduce stress.  Enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, azure waters, reef diving, snorkeling, island hooping, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, golfing, delicious food, over 300 bird species, & the Mayan ruins.

All visitors are issued a 30-day visa renewable for up to 6-months with proof of sustenance and a work permit application can be filed after 1 year continuous residence.   Restriction are waived for retirees, professionals & $25k investors.

We have been building in Belize since 2007 and would love to invite you to Placencia, south Belize to join our community of Canadian investors.

Own a vacation home and have others pay for it.

Secure your paradise retirement home today and have renters pay for it plus generate income and appreciation until you are ready.

Family time & relaxation
“Tropical breeze & perfect climate”

Reasons for Fast Growth
1. Where Costa Rica was in 1990’s
2. Only 4h:27m flight from Toronto (round $644)
3. Land ownership docs, in English & land registered
4. Trust legislation & private corporate registry

Benefits of Belize
1. Temperate climate
2. Democratic government
3. Political system like Canada
4. English official language
5. British common law

6. Land titles & registry
7. $1 US dollar = $2 BZ dollars
8. Very low cost of living
9. Property taxes $50 a year
10. Retirement incentive at 45

Don’t settle for time shares

Work with a builder to design the perfect vacation home that provides 2 seperate living spaces to rent or share with friends.

Partners finance your deal

Lean how to make double the return with low-rise condo buildings close to the beach, as a partner instead of an investor.

Use our system to Win!

Our system picks the best towns, best type of property, and builds them with you for major profit.

Winners circle themselves with Winners!

Spend time with people who have achieved what you wish to achieve!  We will show you how to stay connected, increase your income, secure your future, and live the life you deserve.