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Tomorrow is built on TODAY!  What do you want to start today?

“Only a healthy mind, body & soul can enjoy the fruits of success”

Synchronization of mind, body & soul

Wealth without health is not wealth at all

There are millions of people who ARE professionally successful but unhappy, burnt out, and ache all over.  There are millions more who are NOT successful professionally, unhappy, burnt out, and ache all over.  There is a 3rd option but few achieve it!

The 3rd option is to be professionally successful, happy, refreshed, and ready to run a marathon.  Why is this desired state so elusive?

We are daily bombarded with lies through produce and service advertising.  “When you catch your next cold…take this…” or “buy our policy before mayhem strikes…”.  With all the negative programming, its hard to even know what happy is.  Remember, it’s not your fault.

When I started making $15,000 a weekend as an international speaker, I thought happiness will soon follow.  My schedule was 5 weekends speaking and one weekend off.  So what’s the problem?

On the weekend off I felt that I was losing $15,000 by staying home.  I couldn’t enjoy the time off because I was losing something.  Money became my measure of happiness but an empty one.

I did not have BALANCE!  My work life was more important than my family life and the money just became a thing to chase.  Like the dog that chases the car not knowing what to do if he caught it; most rofessionally successful people just enjoy the chase.

To add to my dilemma, I was in terrible health due to eating on-the-road  plus the stress of having to sell to receive that large dollar pay (commission based).  No sale meant no $15,000 pay day so I had to perform at 100% all the time.

I had to face the question of why it was so important to make that money.  Who was I trying to impress externally and internally?  What events seen or unknown caused me to have that drive and why did I give up on so many real things to achieve unreal things?

Finally I learned how to focus on the health of the tree from the roots up and not only on the end result being the fruit.  I realized the fruit will come in abundance if the tree is healthy.

At NidusHub we have assembled a team of experts that were all chasing the car at some point and in high pressure careers but have discovered how to bring balance to their lives.  They know the path and have guided many good people to balanced wealth.

We will help you master the body machine through understanding how the naturally occurring chemicals in the human body can be controlled to achieve peak performance.  Also how to eat & exercise right, plus reconnect spiritually with your core to bring balance to your life.

Then you will experience measurable and sustainable success in all aspects of your life.  Take action with us today to build your tomorrow!

We Help You Grow
1. Challenge
2. Want
3. Want

Healthy Mind & Body
1. Energy balance
2. Foster simplicity
3. Invite  creativity

4. Exercise daily
5. Create friendships
6. Learn something daily
7. Learn to forgive

A focus on mental growth

We help you challenge your mind to connect unrelated ideas in new and useful ways.

Achieve peak performance

Identifying personal sources on inspiration and methods of using that discovery to initiate peak mental ability including creativity and problem solving.

The simplicity factor

We teach you how to break complex situations and circumstances down into manageable components to easily tackle in a stress reduced state.

Winners circle themselves with Winners!

Spend time with people who have achieved what you wish to achieve!  We will show you how to stay connected, increase your income, secure your future, and live the life you deserve.