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Discovering the right business is not enough to make it successful!

“You are not a relic so stop your business from becoming one”

Peak performance requires
synchronization of sales, administration & service or product delivery

If you were born before 1984, you realize that George Orwell’s book titled 1984 got a few predictions wrong. Still, you must have notice the business world has turned upside down.

We were taught never get into cars with strangers yet Uber has blown away taxi companies.  We were taught never sleep at a stranger’s house but AirBnB has blown that brick house down also.

It’s only a matter of time before the real estate, insurance, mortgage, auto sales, furniture, appliance etc…. industries come up against that same wolf.  And when they do, you can be scared, or you can be prepared.

The good news….. it forces those who are proactive to finally discover the business (passion & natural skill) they were designed to do.  Proactive people start now to put into place the systems that aide transition into whatever changes tomorrow may bring.  Proactive people anticipate and embrace change.

Our systems help proactive people discover and grow that perfect business in 1/3 the time while making 3 times the profit.  We set a 1/3 time to 3X profit standard & our coaches deliver.

We know the path and have achieved great results in the wellness, restaurant, consulting, and niche spin-off business industry.  We make learning personal and do it step-by-step!

It’s fantastic to see the additional benefits clients receive by growing their “passion work” business to levels where many can enjoy their product or service.

We Help Businesses improve
1. Tired of charging less for top service
2. Want customers to respect your time
3. Want customers to give more referrals
4. Less effort to closing sales
5. Tired of training new people
6. More effort from younger employees

Direct Business Benefits
1. Improve client experience
2. Retain top employees
3. Reduce expenses
4. Increase sales & prices
5. Reduce receivables
6. Negotiate great deals

7. Increase market share
8. Handle workplace crisis
9. Add time saving systems
10. Raise private capital
11. Create web presence
12. Increase customer list

3 times more revenue

We apply methods to increase revenue including a system that identifies complementary businesses that can provide additional streams of income with little effort on your part.

Achieve peak performance

Our 21 point PEAK PERFORMANCE diagnostics system identifies waste, reoccurring problems, blind spots, inefficiencies, missed business, and 16 other points to fine tune all key aspects of the business.

Attract investment partners

We specialize in rebranding your business into a target for investors who which to place debt or equity dollars in your hands.
Money can be used for capital improvements, research & development, or short-term accounts receivable funds.

Winners circle themselves with Winners!

Spend time with people who have achieved what you wish to achieve!  We will show you how to stay connected, increase your income, secure your future, and live the life you deserve.