Plaza & Multi-Res is the next logical step for high cash flow!

Quit low cash-flow & start making $3,000 monthly.

Step up to the next level of cash-flow & forced appreciation
with apartment buildings & plazas!

A $400,000 2-family property at $500 monthly cash-flow requires 12 properties to replace $6,000 monthly income at a portfolio cost of $4.8 million.

A $2,200,000 commercial property at $3,000 monthly cash-flow requires 2 properties to replace $6,000 monthly income at a cost of $4.4 million.

We specialize in establishing joint venture partners who provide the down payment, mortgage & closing costs for commercial property.

Joint venture partners offer you 50% of the cash-flow and appreciation for your help acquiring, investigating & asset managing over the next 5 years.

Our system teaches you how to acquire JV partners, match them to great property and retain a controlling interest.

“Professionally managed with high cash-flow & appreciation”

3x monthly cash-flow

Make more cash-flow & appreciation with 1 apartment building, than 12 houses.  Work less & make more with commercial.

Partners finance your deal

Learn to structure an agreement where you provide our systems & partner provides funding.

Use our system to Win!

Learn our acquisition systems to advance your portfolio and build your wealth.

Winners circle themselves with Winners!

to be the best, spend time with the best!  We will show you how to stay connected, secure your future, and live the life you deserve.