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Plaza & Multi-Res is the next logical step for high cash flow!


“Professionaly mamaged with high cash-flow & appreciation”

A $400,000 2-family property generating $300 monthly cash-flow requires 20 properties to replace $6,000 monthly income at a portfolio cost of $8 million.

A $1,500,000 commercial property generating $3,000 monthly cash-flow requires 2 properties to replace $6,000 monthly income at a cost of $3 million.

We specialize in establishing joint venture partners who provide the down payment, mortgage & closing costs for commercial property.

Joint venture partners offer you 50% of the cash-flow and appreciation for your help acquiring, investigating & asset managing over the next 5 years.

Our system teaches you how to finds great deals, analyzes, due diligence, negotiate, asset manage and find the JV partner to buy the property.

Quit low cash-flow & start making $4,000 monthly.

Yes, step up to the next level of cash-flow & forced appreciation with apartment buildings & plazas!

Mixed-Use Property
“Recession proof property”

Why Commercial Property?
1. Tired of calls to fix houses
2. Low rental house cash-flow
3. House income to low for full-manager
4. Charge ALL expenses, repairs & upgrades
5. Charge rent + Expenses + % of revenue
6. NO rent control on commercial tenants

Benefits of Commercial
1. Purpose built (stronger)
2. No Landlord Tenant Act
3. Eviction in 15 days
4. No rent control
5. Rental rates set by owner
6. Charge rent + expenses
7. Charge extra big repairs

8. Income: pop, park, locker
9. Income: sign, wash, solar
10. Utility metered units
11. Property management
12. Tenant leasehold upgrades
       (applies to retail/office)

4x monthly cash-flow

Make more cash-flow & appreciation with 1 apartment building, than 12 houses.  Work less & make more with the right strategy.

Partners finance your deal

Leverage on our knowledge & systems to receive 50% of the profits from JV partners. Learn to structure an agreement where you provide the system & they provide the money.

Use our system to Win!

Learn our 9 segment purchase & joint venture partner acquisition process which allows your JV partner to trust and respect you as a leader.

Winners circle themselves with Winners!

Spend time with people who have achieved what you wish to achieve!  We will show you how to stay connected, increase your income, secure your future, and live the life you deserve.