Self-Storage Investing is the youngest & fastest growing form of commercial today!

Since 1970, the industry has grown to 58K facilities in the US 

The most recession proof property
– people store furniture when selling, downsizing, moving or relocating! 

This is not your grandfather’s self-storage!  First generation grimy garage type self-storage facilities have progressed to 3 story, third generation facilities that are beautifully designed, climate controlled, clean, and secure.

Fourth generation incorporates the benefits of the previous generation plus shared office space, coffee café, board rooms, & upscale change rooms.  A true extension of the home & work office combined with a fun atmosphere.

We plan to build a 85,000sqft fourth generation facility in Ontario with a 2 year building time and cost of $7.8 million.  We seek equity partners desirous of owning the land, building, & business therefore profiting from the income, appreciation, & mortgage pay-down.

Reasons for Fast Growth
1. Consumers buying more
2. Busy in boom or bust economy
3. High price condo’s at smaller sizes
4. Seniors downsize & store heirlooms
5. Retail rental($24) vs self-storage($6)
6. Climate control,mold, & pest free
7. Work-spaces, offices, & cafe

Services Offered
1. Unit rentals (5 sizes)
2. Moving supply sales
3. Concierge receive
4. Drop-off box (online)
5. Post -office box
6. Safety deposit box
7. Office record archive
8. Retail shelving units

9. Wine storage
10. Walk-in closet
11. Shared office space
12. Dedicated office space
13. Boardrooms
14. Coffee seating lounge
15. Upscale change rooms

Don’t settle for 9% return

Make more profit by owning the property and land instead of funding someone else’s asset development.

Why repeat getting into 3-5 year mortgage lending products at high tax rates when you can benefit from cash-flow and equity build-up in your own long-term major asset?

Partners finance your deal

Join with other investors tired of jumping from one development to the next for a fraction of what you can make over time being an owner.  

With a few investors and the right team, you can afford to buy bigger!

Always choose transparency

Are you ready to be at the boardroom table to receive the full and unedited details about your investment?

Being an owner in a larger more profitable asset is a must because you getting data from the source is important.  Most fortune 500 companies don’t let you sit at the table of your financial vehicle.

Winners circle themselves with Winners!

Spend time with people who have achieved what you wish to achieve!  We will show you how to stay connected, increase your income, secure your future, and live the life you deserve.