Personal Advisory Sessions

Advice-on-demand Program
21 hours (Telephone)
Expert advice on demand to answer key questions in real-time

– Telephone & Skype consulting
– Experienced investor with portfolio
– Help dealing with reports & documents
– Overcoming & reducing conflict

Telephone Consulting Program:
1.  Right expectation & goal
2.  A 3rd party adviser
3.  Insight & experience
4.  High & low level answers
5.  Handling obstacles

Are you happy with your advisory team?
1. Have an expert to bounce ideas off?
2. Have someone to tell you NO? 
3. Our consultants tell you the truth!


Mentorship Program
61 hours (1 year support)
In the field guidance 1-on-1 to achieving your goal

– Guides through asset acquisition process
– Guides through asset negotiation
– Guide through JV partner acquisition
– Structures deal for maximum profit

In the field Mentorship Program:
1.  Find & analyse property
2.  View, analyze & purchase
3.  How to acquire JV partners
4.  Repair & upgrade
5.  Guide & review process

Truth about Real Estate Wealth is that you require the following skills:

1. Wisdom based expert knowledge
2. Hands-on experience with a pro
3. Systems to reduce errors & stress
4. Learning how to present to partners

Train the Trainer Program
16 hours (2-day workshop)
Training experts to create a system to profit from their knowledge

– Framing skills into marketable form
– Making money teaching experience
– Selling additional programs 
– Packaging experience into courses

Monetize your knowledge Program:
1.  How to teach & sell simultaneously
2.  Packaging knowledge into courses
3.  Deliver top info up-gradable parts
4.  Online marketing system 
5.  Knowing how much to charge

Working with Giants
ALL successful people build wealth upon the shoulders of experts who have already accomplished what they want to achieve

Proven Systems
Adopting proven systems that accomplish difficult tasks allows for time to fine tune for best results

Learning in-the-field
Working with a mentor to break down complicated tasks in real time is the best way to learn

Accountability Markers
Working with a mentor & team until results are achieved is the best guarantee & accountability marker

Team Learning
Being part of a team facilitates mastermind sessions and experiencing the benefits of group questions

Training to Coach
The best source of fulfillment and financial gain is learning how to coach people by sharing your knowledge and experience