2-Hour Preview Events

2-hour preview event where attendees mingle upon arrival, learn from experts, and participate in an informative discussion.

These information packed sessions answer important questions!  Additional company information is provided.

2-Hour Preview Events:

1. Start Investing in Property
2. Step UP to Commercial
3. Become the Developer
4. Paradise Investing in Belize
5. Start your Own Business
6. Understand your Body Machine

Start Investing in PROPERTY


  • How to identify income property
  • Houses, buildings or projects?
  • Hands-on investing (property)
  • Hands-off investing (syndication)
  • How to find private investors
  • A 5 year financial freedom plan



  • Find the best commercial property
  • How to analyze buildings
  • Find a joint venture partner
  • How to operate & asset manage
  • Create a 7 year plan

Become the DEVELOPER


  • How to become a developer
  • Building process insights
  • Our 21 step program
  • How to secure potential land
  • How to profit without owning

Paradise Investing in Belize

–  Analyse paradise locations
–  Off-shore ownership rules
–  Tourist benefits & services
–  Income reporting process
–  A team & support system

Start your Own Business

–  Is it time to change course?
–  How to structure a business
–  Tax & labour considerations?
–  Managing & solving problems
–  Government loans & grants