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Jeff Ballantyne
Mentor & Trainer

Real Estate & Development

Jeff Ballantyne began as a carpenter building custom cottages in the Muskoka region for a family-owned company. At eighteen years old he bought his first rental property and then spent the next five years working and gaining experience in building and renovating homes.

At 23, he bought two more houses, one to keep and one to put his construction knowledge into practice by renovating the property and then selling it. He learned much from that first flip and has continued to apply his knowledge and expertise in construction to this real estate investment strategy.

He is now a full time entrepreneur with multiple single-family homes and continues to buy, fix and sell properties. Jeff is currently building a 4,000 sqft custom home with his business partner just north of Barrie and will be completed this fall.

Laying the foundation

1st generation & 2nd generation of family builders view 3rd generation’s (Jeff) project

Landscaping is a crucial part of building

This is how you do it! Great work Jeff

1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation (Jeff) & 4th generation