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Mathew Frederick
Program Designer & Mentor
Real Estate, Business & Wellness

One of the challenges as your real estate investing career develops is being able to make the switch from one form of investing to another successfully.

With nearly 30 years of experience in real estate, there is not a strategy that Mathew Frederick of NidusHub.com has not executed; in fact, it is believed he may be the only Canadian to have done so!  Everything from starting in residential income property then expanded to buy-fix-sell, lease option, commercial buildings and new development.  Mathew has led on renovating properties over 28 years which includes partnering with a developer over the past 6 years to build houses and low-rise condo buildings.

He now focuses on managing the assets of commercial portfolios including plazas and multi-family buildings plus coaching investors in business and real estate acquisition.

His application of these strategies is more than just simple engagement – it’s about performing each strategy 4 or 5 times and wrangling out most kinks… the kind of kinks you only discover during application.

Mat’s mindset is one of always learning, with making money being the by-product. This has resulted in his being able to develop alternative and creative approaches.

With success can also come failure and in his presentation Mat will be showing how you can step up to commercial investing from residential. He will share lessons learned from his own journey that began with 13 houses and then continued with the transition to commercial and then on to development. Mat will cover how you could potentially be:

  • Breaching the WALL when credit is maxed after the first 3 purchases
  • Finding property at a discount (residential & commercial) pre-MLS
  • Finding and convincing people to joint venture on commercial desks providing 100% funding for 50% ownership

Plus he will be talking about the next great investment, self-storage, and his plans to build a 4th generation self-storage building in Burlington (self-storage, office space, boardrooms & café combined).


Mathew on Everyday Investor
Host & Expert – Rav Toor

Carmen Campagnaro
Expert & Co-founder ProFunds

Author of Real Canadian Investor – 2007

 Expanded History

Mathew began his career as a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve where leadership and strategic thinking was honed while studying Computer Systems Technology and upon graduation worked as a Systems Analysis for a major bank. 

Mathew began a decade of teaching Computer Business Systems at a private school which included computer software applications.  His teaching method of big-picture awareness, practical knowledge, and hands-on training resulted in sustained learning and success for his students.

While teaching he began investing in residential real estate learning how to find, analyse, negotiate, finance, upgrade, tenant and manage rental income property.  

Today Mathew designs and teaches business, sales, and real estate courses.  He has achieved great success but also made his share of business mistakes. Through success and adversity, Mathew has learned the value of resilience, fortitude, team work, partnership and hope.

Articles co-authored by Mathew Frederick