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Natasha Cultraro
Mentor & Trainer

Real Estate & Wellness


“Natasha is a real estate investor and property manager. She has been investing in residential real estate since 2006 and has experience with duplex conversions, rent-to-owns, and buy-and-hold single family homes.

Natasha learned to manage owing numerous properties and today is CEO of her own property management company.  Natasha also teaches property management and acquiring residential income generating real estate.

Natasha’s work history includes a decade in the pharmaceutical industry; first in the lab, then project management, and later research & development.  Team work and leadership on sensitive projects was daily routine.  She brings this attention to detail to her workshops.

Natasha is a certified reiki master and has expert experience with understanding relationship dynamics and internal peak performance triggers and blocks.  Natasha Teaches these principles and technique in business mind, body & soul workshops.