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Prince Boateng
Senior Deal Invesgitator

Real Estate & Business

Prince studied financial modeling at the Investment Banking Institute to better understand the valuation of retail stores and businesses.

Prince graduated from MoMac Registered Practical Nursing Program with a desire to help others in difficult times and has been a registered nurse specializing in mental health for the past 4 years.  Prince works with Amica long term retirement condos, Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres & Delayed Mental health adults.

Prince has always desired to build personal wealth in real estate to allow him to continue working work people in need.  He has analyzed over 200 residential and commercial properties over the past 2 years and developed a strategic plan for securing the best deal.

Prince is the Senior Deal Investigation Specialist at NidusHub Inc. which involves finding, analyzing, viewing, negotiating and performing due diligence for all deals that members seek to purchase.

Prince creates the start plan and the exit strategy plus all the repairs and upgrades required throughout the 5-7 year engagement.  Then he oversees the team building process including property management, purchase team, maintenance team and sale team.