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Sener Gorica
Mentor & Trainer
Business Entrepreneur

Real Estate & Business 

Sener Gorica has been a real estate investor and business entrepreneur for over 20 years. 

As an entrepreneur Sener founded restaurants in 3 categories; family restaurant, food court venue & pizza shop.  He founded the classy Citrine Restaurant & Lounge, the quick yet healty Simply Salads and the staple food of Windsor Primo Pizza.

As a real estate investor Sener has renovated over 30 properties and upgraded over 10 commercial buildings.  He is an expert is finding raw land with potential, or buildings and houses not living up to their financial or service potential, then converting to higher better use.

As a trainer and mentor Sener  assisted numerous clients in the purchase and renovation process with the goal of helping them move to a stronger financial position.

Although Sener is excellent at finding great potential deals, they always seem to seek him out which means he always has a deal on the table.

Founder of Citrine Restaurant & Lounge

Sener & Nephew Max Domi

Sener entertaining high net worth investors

Adam Graves & Tie Domi (X-NHL)