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How to purchase commercial real estate, pay for it with co-venture partners,
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commercial real estate


Owning income real estate ads to your daily income 24/7 while building wealth through appreciation yet can be time consuming and stressful with a full time job. 

Investors start with 3 rental houses only to realize they were not purpose built for multiple families so repairs mount, cash-flow is low, and management stress is high.

Multi-family buildings or strip plazas are designed to handle wear therefore less repairs, more cash-flow, and are professionally managed resulting in less stress.

With 28 years’ experience we have owned apartment buildings & retail plazas.  We have the systems to help you locate off-market deals, investigate the facts, secure the best price, and save money on operations.

e help you transition from income houses to purpose built, high cash-flow, professionally managed multi-family buildings & strip plazas.

commercial real estate


Investing in real estate can require hands-on sweat equity or hands-off financing.  The 1st provides the knowledge & labour while the 2nd provides the capital & financing.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.

It’s no secret most investors are either seeking co-venture partners to provide the down payment and mortgage or are the partner providing the knowledge and labour. 

The bad news… securing 100% co-venture financing and receiving 50% of the cash-flow, mortgage pay down, and appreciation has a 1:27 ratio of people saying yes!

Over the past 28 years we have perfected a 9 part system that increase the odds of a partner fully financing the property and sharing 50% of the proceeds to 1:7. 

We help you source potential co-venture partners, develop a funding relationship, structure the venture correctly, get complete funding, and provide systems that achieve targeted win-win results.

commercial real estate


Gain a skill-set so powerful that it will transform every area of you life and improve your ability to gain clients plus raise investment capital.

This skill-set will help you become a better version of yourself, better communicator, better investor, and even better at relationships.

Let’s face it, in the information age people seek and pay top dollar for knowledge.  Unfortunately just being a great teacher is not enough to turn speaking or coaching into a profitable career.

Successful speakers understand the secret art of combining teaching with sales which invites the student to purchase more modules.

Over the past 20 years we have taught 35,000 adults to invest.  We have developed a speaker training program that combines teaching & influence (sales).

We help you choose a topic of expertise, develop a lesson plan, develop your on-stage presence (story, tone, personality), and build your presentation with infused sales elements.


The Break Through
Mathew Frederick

Have you hit the glass ceiling, spinning your wheels, or living busy not effective?  If your ladder of success is on the wrong wall, a great paying job just feels empty!  Cultural norms, industry limitations, and family expectations can place you in a box.  When people get stuck, they unknowingly repeat 3 steps; nurse it, curse it, and rehearse it.

We help you stop and listen to your future self.  The person that you are destined to become, demands of the person you are today, to put a true wealth plan into action. Successful people invest in themselves by seeking out and learning 1:1 from experts who are doing exactly what they wish to accomplish. 

We provide 1:1 mentorship programs that walk you through the following:
1. Purchase a commercial property
2: Partner with a co-venture funding partner
3. Become a high paid coach
4. Build a rental house

5. Buy a vacation property in Belize


“To build true long-term wealth, you must buy and hold real estate.”
Warren Buffett

Special Offers

Multi-family, Strip-plaza & JV
Webinar + Q&A
1 Hour

commercial real estate

Step UP to Commercial
In Class Workshop
1 Day

commercial real estate

Expert Video Lessons
18 hours

commercial real estate


Need A $40,000 Loan?

Renovations, Debt Consolidation
or Down-payment

Have a Passion for Coaching?

Coaching is a Lucrative Investing Strategy
(Helps with Low cash-flow & repairs)


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My Advantage

“My advantage is the ability to spot potential, not just in property but also in people and then from spotting that potential, how to approach them, match my personality so you have a good handshake, of mental handshake and then from there listen carefully to understand what they need and then see how I can match it up to what I have.” – Matthew Frederick



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