Have you hit a wall, run out of cash, or maxed out your mortgage? 

 GROW your PORTFOLIO without CASH or FINANCE hassle

People always try to control circumstances, especially their wealth.  Our wealth effects our quality of life, health, family, and happiness.  Unfortunately, few people find financial freedom.  To feel secure, many invest in real estate as a short cut to wealth. 

And they’re not wrong.

Real estate provides multiple streams of income 24/7 (cash-flow, mortgage pay-down, appreciation, or lump sum cash) while you work, play, and rest. 

Whether it’s a buy-fix-sell, buy-repair-rent-refinance, commercial /multi-family property, or a new build, you can benefit much faster financially from this asset than from a standard 9-5 job.  The most common challenge to successful real estate investment is sourcing capital to purchase, upgrade, & manage these opportunities.

That’s why we’ve developed a system that will teach you how to meet, evaluate, build relationships with, and acquire high net-worth capital partners to fund your portfolio growth.

We teach co-venture alliance strategies that are mutually beneficially to all parties involved.  We’ll connect you with our team of mortgage brokers, lawyers, tax experts, insurance agents, contractors and property managers for easy, seamless operations. 

Our 28 year track record of working with capital partners to acquire properties in Canada, the USA & Belize will save you time, stress, and money.  

Let us help you grow your portfolio by associating with the right partners and acquire larger properties that generate three times more cash flow, mortgage-pay down, and appreciation with 1/3 of the effort & stress.  

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What is a Real Estate Co-Venture (JV)?

A real estate co-venture (JV) is a strategic alliance between multiple parties to work together and combine resources to buy or develop a property.  Co-ventures allow individuals with extensive experience acquiring and managing real estate to work with capital providers (down-payment & mortgage).

The basic principle surrounding co-ventures can be illustrated in the following example.

Adam has purchased, managed and improved the value of property for many years.  However, Adam is not currently liquid and cannot provide the down-payment or mortgage at this time.  Mary has access to down-payment and mortgage financing but lacks the expertise, time and personal attention needed to make the property profitable over the next few years.  Adam co-ventures with Mary so that Adam provides the expertise and Mary provides the capital.

The Different Players in a Real Estate Joint Venture
Most real estate co-ventures are comprised of two separate parties: the operating member and the capital member. The operating member is responsible for the daily operations and management of the real estate property.  An operating member is highly experienced with the ability to find, acquire, manage, and develop a real estate property.

The capital member usually finances a large part or even the entire property purchase.

In a real estate co-venture, each member is liable for profits and losses relating to the agreement. However, this liability only extends as far as the particular property that the co-venture was created for and is separate from other business interests.

Structure of a Real Estate Co-Venture
In most cases, the operating member and the capital member of the real estate co-venture set up the real estate property as an independent corporation.  Then, the parties sign a co-venture agreement, which details conditions such as the objective, the contribution of the capital, how profits will be split, delegation of management responsibilities, ownership rights, and exit mechanisms.

Joint Venture Partners
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