Step up to the next level of cash-flow & forced appreciation
with apartment buildings & plazas!

Quit low cash-flow & start making $3,000 in additional income per month.

Did you know that a $400,000 2-family property making $500 monthly cash-flow requires 12 properties to replace a $6,000 monthly income at a portfolio cost of $4.8 million?

But that a $2 million dollar commercial property making $3,000 in monthly cash-flow requires only 2 properties to replace a $6,000 monthly income at a cost of $4 million.

Overall, it costs less & is less stressful to make a $6,000 monthly income with 2 commercial properties than with 12 houses.

How?  Because they are purposely built & professionally managed. 

We specialize in establishing co-venture partners who provide the down payment, mortgage & closing costs for commercial properties.  Co-venturing partners offer 50% of the cash-flow in exchange for your help acquiring, investigating, & managing the property for the next 5 years.

Our system teaches you how to acquire co-venture partners, match them to great properties, and retain a controlling interest.

Now that’s a great way to earn additional income.

Multi-family, Strip-plaza & JV
Webinar + Q&A
1 Hour

Key Commercial Elements
Audio/Video Lessons
3.5 hours

Step UP to Commercial
1 Day

Step UP to NEXT
Mathew Frederick

Benefits of Commercial

1. Purpose built (stronger)
2. No Landlord Tenant Act
3. Eviction in 15 days
4. No rent control
5. Rental rates set by owner
6. Charge rent + expenses
7. Charge extra big repairs
8. Income: parking & lockers
9. Income: sign & coin wash
10. Utility metered units
11. Property management
12. Tenant leasehold upgrades

Why Choose Commercial?
Mathew Frederick


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My Advantage

“My advantage is the ability to spot potential, not just in property but also in people and then from spotting that potential, how to approach them, match my personality so you have a good handshake, of mental handshake and then from there listen carefully to understand what they need and then see how I can match it up to what I have.” – Matthew Frederick



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